CanSurvive Resource Centre (CSRC) the practice and CanSurvive Education Centre (CSEC), books, lectures, seminars and post graduate training were founded, initially, in 1980 and restructured in 2000 (as CSREC) by Dr Xandria Williams, PhD, MSsc., DIC, ND, DBM.

working long ours with clients
Dr Xandria Williams

Dr Williams has degrees in chemistry and biochemistry and is an Australian qualified naturopath who has been leading her profession for the past forty years, first in Australia, and now in London.  Our, focus is on educating and assisting people with concerns about cancer.  This includes both students and those who are looking for help from prevention through to being helped to maintain long-term remission status.

Dr Williams is one of the leading practitioners in this field and works both locally and, via Skype, with clients in many different countries.  She integrates the Metabolic and Biochemical Approach built on the pioneering work of Nobel Prize winner Dr Otto Warburg, the pancreas-focused work of Dr Beard (1904) and Dr Nicholas Gonzalez.  These are combined with the latest biochemical studies of the application of natural products to the correction of chemical errors determined by appropriate pathology blood tests.  These strategies are linked with psychotherapy sessions and with appropriate lifestyle changes.

This removes the aim from purely that of destroying cancer cells, or even just on tumour destruction.  Instead, we aim to help you restore full normal and healthy body function, or homoeostasis, and to do so without causing any adverse, toxic or unwanted side effects.  In this way, we can target the root cause of the problem, can help to make the body an inhospitable place for cancer cells, and can truly aim at prevention, all along the cancer process, from start to finish.

We include, or refer on, as appropriate, to many support strategies.

Dr Williams ‘sees’ clients both in her office and by skype, or even by phone. She endeavours to be available to clients wherever she is.

The Team

Dr Xandria Williams  heads the team and is supported by a number of assistants and staff who are themselves nutritionists or studying nutrition.