Healthy Juices

Diet and Lifestyle changes that are appropriate for ‘you’

Establishing and following the correct diet is an important part of any prevention or recovery strategy.

It is even more important to determine the diet and lifestyle that is appropriate for each individual.

There is a common but mistaken assumption that the tissues of everyone with such health problems are too acidic and that a uniform alkaline diet should be followed by all.  In fact, many people are too alkaline and will only be hampered by following such a diet.

We aim to help each individual determine their:

  • Functional Metabolic Type
  • Optimum dietary lifestyle ( one of 12)
  • Unique nutrient needs
  • Acid and alkaline balance

We then plan your diet accordingly.  This, we find, leads to the best results.  In addition, it commonly leads to a diet that is also favoured by the individual who frequently understands something of their own individual needs, although rarely do they appreciate the important and finer details, which we can then adjust.


This strategy leads further.  Once we know your individual metabolism we can direct you to the most appropriate choice of nutrients, and help you choose the nutritional and supplement support that is also uniquely targeted for you.  Specific vitamins and minerals that help one person may have the opposite effect on another.

Nutriceutical supplements are an essential part of restoring and maintaining good health. These are chosen based on all we learn about you as we determine your own unique needs.

We choose, where possible, (a) organic products and (b) those that are combined with  their accompanying cofactors, i.e. whole plant products rather than extracted single compounds.  Selections are also based on our up-to-date awareness of current scientific literature and research.

We make use of medicinal mushrooms, nano-particle minerals, and many other products that are supported by current research.  This is focused on the cellular changes that we know can occur and need correction.


There are many simple and economical lifestyle changes that can contribute enormously to the restoration of good health and homeostasis.  These can readily be followed by you, the individual, on your own, in your home – and without additional expenditure.  Our trained assistants are available to give guidance on these.

Toxin elimination forms an important aspect of lifestyle improvement.  This includes detecting and minimising external toxins to which you may be exposed both inside and outside the home.  It also includes methods of eliminating toxins that you have absorbed, or formed within your body.  These strategies form a very low cost way of making a significant improvement to our health.

Far Infra  Red (FIR) provides an easy-to-use way of stimulating toxin release, providing localised heat and other benefits, which we explain.  We can advise you on appropriate strategies.

Cheesecake without dairy sugar or grains

“Cheesecake” without dairy, sugar or grains