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Through the CanSurvive Education Centre (CSEC), Dr Williams runs two regular one-day seminars, open to anyone with an interest in the subject. In these seminars, you will learn the background to the development of medical cancer treatments and what to do to minimise your risk of developing cancer (SL1). You will then learn of a number of foundation lifestyle and dietary changes that you can make, and that both form the basis of almost any recovery strategy and help you to understand much of the advice you may later be given.


For students and those interested in learning more, or in adding to their studies, Dr Williams runs tutoring evenings, as requested The topics are largely chosen by those who are attending. We aim to help them carry any other studies further forward or to help with the studies they have initiated for themselves. Contact s for further information.


Several practitioners have asked for help in their work with their own clients. Dr Xandria Williams is keen to help and willing to give this guidance. Contact us for further information