Thank you so much for the skype conversation earlier, which made me feel so much better and excited about the future. I haven’t been fearful, but the last chemo experience has made me feel in need of some reassurance. I very much appreciate all your efforts!! Stephanie Dumke

I am a South African and when I was diagnosed with cancer, friends of mine, from London, send me your book ” Vital Signs for Cancer”. Thank you, it saved my life! Thanks again for all your hard work! Lise

Hi Xandria, I am a Nutritional Therapist working in High Wycombe. Had breast cancer 8 years ago (11cm, grade 4). Am now the fittest & healthiest I have ever been (phew!). Really love your books and frequently recommend them. Are you planning any more practitioner talks or any other training in the near future?

Hi Xandria for so many years I have wondered what happened to you. I was a patient of yours in Sydney 30 years ago! Many times over this period I have looked upon your first CHI workshop as a pivotal turning point in my life. My life turned around so dramatically in the years to follow I have to pinch myself. I am forever grateful that you saw in me something that needed healing apart from my physical body. ….I thank you and acknowledge you for all the wonderful work you do in helping people to heal and lead more fulfilling lives. Many Blessings

Michele Haifer,

Hello, due to ( I think ! ) being put onto statins, ( for ‘ insurance’ reasons …. family history. Have since stopped taking them), my liver enzyme result was 122. I have been following your Liver Detox Plan to the letter and just wanted to say thank you. I saw my GP this morning who was “astounded ” as it is now down to 44. I shall be incorporating a lot of what I’ve learned this month into my normal eating plan … for life! Thank you once again. Best wishes Jean


I brought myself and 3 children to see you about 35 years ago.
You gave me a list of fungus foods that I should avoid as I was allergic to moulds including penicillin….. Visiting you when we did made an enormous difference to the wellbeing of my little family, and I will always be forever grateful. Love Diane
P.S The people you are caring for are very blessed to have you on their side.