We aim to develop, with you, an ongoing maintenance program and support network that extends beyond the immediate problem. We will be there for you to call on as needed, and will help you to maintain good health in the long term. We offer regular contacts, as needed, and regular, follow-up, three- or six-monthly care.

We are London-based and centrally placed with easy access from all main line stations. Ten forms of public transport pass within a couple of hundred meters of the office. We work face-to-face in the office or, for those who cannot travel or are too far away (often in other countries), via Skype.

For those who can reach us, we have regular Open House evenings for clients who can meet with other people in similar situations to their own, share with and learn from each other. We then share food that people have brought and is raw, organic and free from grains or sugars. This provides inspiration for others of those present. The drinks are various vegetable juices!

Clients and students of nutrition or naturopathy (who have been taught by Dr Williams) can join a secret Facebook page where they can ask questions or engage in scientific discussions, both with Dr Williams and with each other.